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Strategic Synergy: Tang Group Partners with Echo 8 Trilogy – Unveiling New Horizons in Business and Film

The Echo 8 Trilogy has secured its first official co-producer from Tang Group, a conglomerate overseeing a portfolio of companies, including Pacific Australia, Best Option Training, TilesLink, P&G Joinery, TNT Electrical Group, and Tang Education & Tang Media. Specializing in real estate, training, construction, education, and media, Tang Group is a significant player in various industries.

Mr. Nha Tang has played a pivotal role in the development of Tang Media, with a branch in Vietnam servicing video and advertising productions for clients. The partnership between Phoenix Eye Films, led by Maria Tran, and Tang Group signifies an exchange of knowledge and operations. This includes understanding the efficient production of a feature film through the community and cultural development model practiced by Phoenix Eye Films, as well as insights from the various business sectors affiliated with Tang Group.

Maria expresses excitement about the collaboration, stating, “It's really an exciting time for Tang Group, with over 30 years of success with their companies in Western Sydney, to partner up and make a movie. Mr. Nha truly sees the potential in moviemaking as a way to leverage the business sector. He's been very encouraging to me and has tasked me with the assignment of finding the best of the best in other various sectors such as hospitality, real estate, property, construction, health, finance, law, etc."

'Echo 8 Trilogy' is now opening up business partnership rounds and will close on 18 March 2024, finalizing all partners and making an internal announcement, and locking in partners by 1 April 2024. The first line of partnerships will be announced at the end April 2024.

Interested companies are encouraged to reach out if they believe their business aligns with the movie-making process.

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