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Feature film

Action thriller

Australia & Hong Kong

90 mins

Phoenix Eye Films


Maria Tran & Takashi Hara

Elizabeth H. Vu

Maria Tran, Takashi Hara & Elizabeth H. Vu

Therese Chen, Takashi Hara, Elizabeth H. Vu, Maria Tran & Adrian Castro

Adam McPhilbin, Nancy Trieu, Emily Bui

Adrian Castro

Maria Tran, Takashi Hara, David Vuong, Mike Leeder, Gabrielle Chan, Michael Quan, Eliza Nguyen, Fellino Dolloso, Joe June, Damien Sato

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A highly trained assassin flashes between a nightmarish dream and her reality at a secret underground organization. When her latest mission involves killing a grieving mother, she realizes her target is closer to home than she realizes—much closer.


An assassin, codename ECHO 8, is sent into a house for a mission. But instead of coming out victorious, she finds her path riddled with unanswered questions and telling lies. As she uncovers the true identity of her target and the reason for her mission, she realizes some secrets can't stay buried forever.


"Echo 8" breaks new ground as a feature-length action thriller, marking the first of its kind in Australia and emerging as a passion community & cultural development project from the Western Sydney filmmaking community.


Despite its modest $10,000 budget, the film has earned over 20 international film festival awards, including the prestigious Best Film at the Urban Action Showcase in New York, where it competed against multimillion-dollar productions.


The project distinguishes itself through robust community support, a committed cast and crew, and a deliberate emphasis on female leadership in a traditionally male-dominated genre.


Positioned outside the mainstream, "Echo 8" is now expanding its narrative with a sequel and prequel set for production in 2025, forming the Echo 8 Trilogy—a collection of urban action assassin films.





'Echo 8' emerges as a thrilling, feature-length action film brought to life by the dedicated Phoenix Eye team based in Western Sydney. One of its standout aspects is the predominantly Asian cast, reflecting the team's commitment to inclusivity and representation.


The genesis of 'Echo 8' can be traced back to the team's earlier successes with a series of short action films such as 'Hit Girls,' 'Enter The Dojo,' and 'Tiger Cops.' These triumphs paved the way for their ambitious venture into a full-length cinematic experience.


The visionary behind this exciting project is none other than director Maria Tran, who embarked on her creative journey 15 years ago. Starting with a background in Psychology, she delved into the world of filmmaking by crafting short action films with her friends. Over time, Maria's skills honed, and she emerged as an accomplished filmmaker.


Her journey also involved meaningful work with at-risk migrant communities and acting in various Australian TV shows. Notably, she moved to the US during the pandemic, adapting to new challenges without letting her passion for filmmaking falter.

Despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic, Maria's determination to create a feature-length action film on a shoestring budget remained unwavering. 'Echo 8' became the heart and soul of Western Sydney's filmmaking community—a true passion project.


Breaking new ground in Australia, 'Echo 8' stands out as an independent, female-led action movie—a milestone for the industry. This groundbreaking achievement was only possible due to the wholehearted support and collaboration of the local community.


Families, neighbors, and local businesses all came together, recognizing the significance of this endeavor.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the team faced considerable challenges in bringing a 90-minute film to life. Yet, their tenacity and collective effort paid off as 'Echo 8' reached completion. Now, the team sets their sights on showcasing this cinematic gem on the big screens and sharing it with audiences worldwide through international film festivals in 2023.



"Echo 8" emerges as an inspiring independent female-led action movie that immerses its viewers in the diverse landscapes of Western Sydney. The film takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the vibrant neighborhoods of Cabramatta, Fairfield, Villawood, Bankstown, and Liverpool, capturing the essence of the community.


At the heart of the film lies a red brick house, a central focal point that serves as a symbolic anchor for the narrative. The team behind "Echo 8" showcased their creative brilliance by utilizing every nook and cranny of this location to film captivating scenes.


From the cozy living space to the sunlit sunroom, the intimate bedroom, and the gritty garage, each room within the house contributed to the film's atmospheric storytelling.


Venturing beyond the confines of the red brick house, the filmmakers collaborated with local businesses to expand the film's scope and authenticity. Establishments such as Quy Lawyers, VIP Karaoke Bar, and Bushido club generously offered their spaces for filming, enriching the movie with the genuine essence of the community.

What sets "Echo 8" apart is the team's ingenious ability to seamlessly connect these diverse locations on screen. The transitions between spaces flow effortlessly, crafting a cohesive and immersive cinematic experience for the audience. Each location becomes a vital piece of the narrative puzzle, building a palpable connection between the story and the community it represents.


In the spirit of independent filmmaking, the team's resourcefulness and unwavering dedication to storytelling shine through.


"Echo 8" not only entertains but also stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and creative vision, delivering a memorable cinematic adventure that resonates with audiences far and wide.



The ensemble cast of "Echo 8" boasts a delightful blend of actors with diverse levels of experience, ranging from seasoned veterans to promising local talents and talented first-timers. This eclectic mix of performers adds a unique dynamic to the film, infusing it with authenticity and raw talent.


Adding an exciting international element to the project is the involvement of casting director Mike Leeder, whose expertise and global perspective have contributed to assembling a truly remarkable cast. His support has allowed the film to reach beyond local boundaries, showcasing the talents of actors from various backgrounds.


Amidst the formidable challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast and crew of "Echo 8" have displayed exceptional resilience and dedication. Despite the hurdles they faced, they have exhibited an unwavering commitment to the project, going above and beyond to bring the film to life.


Their passion and determination have been the driving force behind overcoming obstacles and ensuring that "Echo 8" stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and perseverance in the face of adversity.



The production of the film spanned across 14 intense days, with the script development commencing in late 2019 under the skilled hand of Elizabeth H. Vu. In a remarkable feat, the screenplay was written within just 10 days. Principal photography commenced in January 2020, but Mother Nature had other plans. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, accompanied by bushfires and floods, forced a temporary halt to filming. However, the resilient team soldiered on, resuming and completing the final scenes in February 2021.


Post-production proved to be a laborious yet rewarding process, culminating in its completion in December 2022. The film finally took center stage with its first public screenings on December 23rd and 24th, 2022. Utilizing a combination of a Blackmagic camera and a Panasonic GH5 camera, the team employed simple lighting techniques and adhered to a fast-paced shooting schedule, resulting in a visually compelling creation.


In a true display of dedication and versatility, the cast and crew took on multiple roles and responsibilities, showcasing their passion for the project. Facilitated through a community and cultural development artistic model, the production took on a meaningful dimension. The collaborative efforts of the cast and crew fueled a drive for social change, instilling the film with a powerful purpose beyond entertainment.

The journey of "Echo 8" is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the creative team, who navigated through challenging times and worked together to craft a cinematic masterpiece with a heartening message for the world.


Phoenix Eye Films took on the impressive endeavor of self-financing the production of "Echo 8," allocating a total budget of approximately $10,000 AUD for this ambitious project. Despite the budget constraints, the team's passion and dedication fueled the creation of an extraordinary independent film.

To further support their vision and propel "Echo 8" onto the global stage, an additional $11,400 AUD was raised through a successful Indiegogo campaign. This crowdfunding effort was specifically geared towards enhancing the film's marketing strategy, ensuring it reaches a wide audience through screenings and participation in esteemed film festivals worldwide.

The team's meticulous planning and strategic approach have set the stage for an exciting journey in early 2023, as they set out to showcase "Echo 8" to audiences around the world, captivating viewers with their heartfelt and impactful cinematic creation.

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