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Indie Film "Echo 8" Makes a Splash at Supanova Comic Con

Sydney, Australia - June 23, 2024 - With only three days remaining until Maria Tran departs for the United States, the team behind the indie micro-budget feature film, Echo 8, reflects on its successful showcase at Supanova Comic Con held at Sydney Olympic Park.

Amidst an array of international stars including Robert Patrick from The X-Files and Terminator 2, James Marsters from Buffy, Temuera Morrison of Boba Fett fame, Sophia Di Martino from Loki, and Neil Fanning, known for voicing Scooby-Doo in live-action films, Echo 8 stood out as a testament to innovative indie filmmaking.

Supanova, renowned as one of Australia’s largest pop culture conventions, provided an ideal platform to discuss the creative collaboration behind Echo 8 and the burgeoning global interest in independent films. The film's cast and crew, including Maria Tran (Actor, Director, Producer), Therese Chen (Associate Producer, Editor), Adrian Castro (Fight Choreographer, Sound Designer, Editor), and Tina Alcorace (Soundtrack Singer/Song Producer), engaged with fans and fellow creators during a lively Q&A panel on Sunday, June 23 at the Supanova Seminars.

The event featured the screening of Echo 8's trailer and the release of a teaser for its prequel soundtrack, Raised To Kill, offering attendees a glimpse into the film’s production journey despite budgetary constraints. Emphasizing the collaborative spirit and resilience required in indie filmmaking, the team shared behind-the-scenes insights and stories that resonated deeply with the audience.

The overwhelming positive feedback reaffirmed the film’s impact and underscored the community’s support for authentic storytelling on a global scale. As Maria Tran prepares to depart, sentiments of nostalgia and anticipation permeate the air, marking the beginning of Echo 8’s promising journey. This success at Supanova has ignited a renewed vigor within the team to explore new frontiers in indie filmmaking.

Echo 8’s presence at Supanova is just the beginning of a larger narrative waiting to unfold. Stay tuned for more updates and future projects from this dynamic team.

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