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Spotlight to Success: Navigating the Intersection of Acting & business

We've just completed an intensive and interactive workshop with our enthusiastic participants titled 'Spotlight to Success: Navigating the Intersection of Acting & business.'

It's always a pleasure to be an educator in this space and offer acting lessons free of charge, thanks to Fairfield City Open Libraries Studio 2166.

Teaching is a learning experience in itself. When I teach acting, I deepen my understanding of the craft and gain insights from unique perspectives and challenges. All of this makes me a more versatile and empathetic artist.

Through teaching, I have the opportunity to connect with aspiring actors, fellow educators, and potential collaborators. These connections can be valuable for my own career development and creative projects.

Overall, it is an incredibly rewarding experience to give back to the community by sharing the very thing that I am most passionate about. Witnessing others thrive and tap into their artistic potential is truly fulfilling.

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