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‘Five By Five’ & ‘Echo 8 Beyond’ Double Script Table Reading

Thank you to all our readers and supporters for our double script reading of ‘Five By Five’ & ‘Echo 8 Beyond’.

We all came from all around the world to take part in this unique experience & paving the way for a more inclusive, community-led way of making movies that have heart, resonance and global appeal.

Here’s a little short snippet of what was going on at base at Arts and Cultural Exchange - ACE.

Readers: Takashi Hara, Mike Leeder, Damien Sato, FELINO DOLLOSO, Hiroshi Kasuga, Masa Edward, Nripesh Ahuja, Quyen Chung, Ashley Avci, Nova Onas, Alan Zhu, Tina Alcorace, Presto Yeung, Tommy Ge, Daisy Duong Le, Phil Hong Nguyen, Thu Ana Nguyen, Mamiko Kuwajima Nease, David Hambly, Tracey Hambly, Paul Cavallo, Jorge Cortes Atanacio, Johnny Tien Nguyen, Thomas Masihi, Therese Chen - Actress, Elizabeth H. Vu, Paul Prakash & others.

Video filmed by: Sonny Yng.

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