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Echo 8 Triumphs at Urban Action Showcase & Expo, Secures Best Action Film - Angel of Action Category

Echo 8, the groundbreaking feature-length action thriller from the dynamic Phoenix Eye team based in Western Sydney, has clinched the coveted title of Best Action Film in the Angel of Action Category at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in New York. The event, graced by special guest director Brett Ratner celebrated the film's unique achievements, marking a historic moment for Australian independent cinema.

Maria & Takashi at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo

Echo 8 is not just a movie; it is a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of the Western Sydney filmmaking community. With a predominantly Asian cast, the film stands as a beacon of inclusivity and representation in the action genre.

The husband-wife duo of directors, Maria Tran and Takashi Hara, led the charge in bringing Echo 8 to life. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Maria's determination remained unwavering, turning Echo 8 into a true passion project for the Western Sydney filmmaking community.

In addition, Echo 8 was part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of Bruce Lee's 'Enter the Dragon,' a film made in 1973 that marked the first time cinema saw Asian, Black, and Caucasian leads in an action movie. Echo 8 pays homage to this trailblazing moment in film history while forging its own path into the future of action cinema.

Echo 8 is not just a movie; it's a triumph of community, collaboration, and the unyielding spirit of filmmakers who dared to dream big.

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