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'Echo 8' Selected For The 2023 Big Bad Film Festival - Los Angeles

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USA - Aug 3 2023 - THE 2023 BIG BAD FILM FESTIVAL has officially selected Echo 8, the Australian independent action film, for its 2023 lineup. The screening of Echo 8, directed by Maria Tran and Takashi Hara, will take place on Saturday, August 26 · 11am LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Glendale 128 Artsakh Avenue Glendale, CA 91206 United States.

"This film aims to encourage the spirit of Asian diasporas as powerful agents of change, challenging existing narratives, and pioneering new paths in their pursuit of social and cultural transformation," said Hara. "I hope to start up a grassroots film movement here in the US that will put Asians on screens and tell their stories."

Hara played a pivotal role in developing the independent screen sector in Western Sydney, Australia, and is the founder of Acting For Mindfulness (AFM), teaching the general public skills in confidence, relaxation, and acting. He has initiated and led numerous training programs and community-led initiatives to support local communities and businesses in embracing screen technologies, ultimately attracting mainstream projects. Hara recognizes the significance of creating an environment that enables the growth and sustainability of the screen industry while ensuring alignment with societal needs and values.

"I'm very new to the US but so far, I love the energy and the people here. People are more open and collaborative in nature”. Hara shares a production company, Phoenix Eye Films, in Vegas and hopes to work with local businesses all over the US.

Although still new, Tran and Hara are actively engaging with the local community to foster the growth of a grassroots screen sector that will contribute to the establishment of a vibrant film community amongst Asian Americans. Echo 8 offers audiences an exclusive preview of the movie and a chance to meet the talented filmmakers behind it, Maria Tran and Takashi Hara.

The screening is open to everyone, including actors, writers, directors, business owners, film enthusiasts, and the general public.

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