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Behind the Scenes: The Journey of Crafting a Passion Project Movie

Creating a passion project movie is a complex and multi-step process that involves numerous, never-ending, and time-consuming tasks, as well as a powerhouse team. However, you know you're onto something truly game-changing when the path you've laid begins to have ripple effects on the many creative artists connected.

Since the reading, I am not only inundated with the very honest feedback we are receiving for our scripts, but I am also responsible for creating many pockets of space for the creatives to think, reflect, and channel this feedback into something profound that can be reflected back into the story we are trying to tell.

It's an amazing feat for Elizabeth H. Vu to write two scripts in 2-3 weeks and be very open to feedback and changes to the story for the better. In the meantime, various actors and readers have reached out to me to flesh out their characters, and I'm on a 24/7 hotline for all things 'Five By Five' and 'Echo 8 Beyond'.

In other news, Tina Alcorace, who wrote and sang 'Never Break Me Down,' a song track that was in the original 'Echo 8,' has been teasing us with sound bites for 'Five By Five' after the table reading where she voiced our 'Nadia' character.

I have six days left in Sydney, filled with a bunch of meetings with potential cast members, sponsors, and promoting our cause at the Miss Earth Australia 2023 event through my role as a judge this weekend.

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