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Audition Call for Echo 8 Trilogy's "Five By Five" and "Echo 8 Beyond"

Updated: Jan 24

Are you ready to embark on a cinematic journey filled with action, intrigue, and the opportunity of a lifetime? The Echo 8 Trilogy is searching for talent to fill up to many roles in its upcoming installments, "Five By Five" and "Echo 8 Beyond."

Open to both first-time actors and seasoned performers, this casting call welcomes individuals with a passion for storytelling and a desire to be part of an epic movie experience.

Project Details:

  • Type: Non-union Feature Film

  • Shoot Dates: 15th Jan - 26th Feb 2025

  • Shoot Location: Western Sydney, Australia.

  • Director: Maria Tran & Takashi Hara

  • Writer: Elizabeth H. Vu

  • Production Company: Phoenix Eye Pty Ltd

  • Roles: Click here

  • Extras: Click here

How to Audition: To audition for"Five By Five" and "Echo 8 Beyond,"make a video self-tape and audition details provided by here.

  1. Slate: Introduce yourself with your name, height, and current location.

  1. Full-Body Shot: Showcase your physical presence and demeanor with a full-body shot.

  2. Camera Position: Position the camera just above the waist for an effective capture of your facial expressions and body language.

  3. Access the audition sides for the character you would like to go for. Click here.

Deadline for Auditions: Submit your auditions by February 8, 2024, and take the first step towards being part of this groundbreaking cinematic experience.


The Echo 8 Trilogy represents a collection of urban action assassin films with a female-led perspective, crafted under the creative direction of Maria Tran and penned by Elizabeth H. Vu. This trilogy takes audiences on three distinct cinematic journeys: "Echo 8" (2023), "Five By Five" (2025), and "Echo 8 Beyond" (2025).

𝙁𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝘽𝙮 𝙁𝙞𝙫𝙚: Set three decades prior to 'Echo 8,' the prequel 'Five By Five' unveils the enigmatic Agent 5's grief-stricken existence and his gradual spiral into chaos while climbing Zodiac's hierarchy. TONE: Serious, dark, gritty & drama-fueled similar to 'The Hunger Games; Ballad of the Songbirds & Snakes' meets 'The Long Kiss Goodnight'.

𝑬𝙘𝒉𝙤 8 𝘽𝒆𝙮𝒐𝙣𝒅: After the occurrences of 'Echo 8,' Anna finds herself pursued by lethal Zodiac operatives tasked with her termination. Living off-grid, she shields her mother from a distance. However, her identity is exposed when she crosses paths with a group of misfits. TONE: Witty & fast-pace with comic tones, similar to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' meets 'Black Widow'.

Whether you're an experienced actor or someone eager to step into the world of movies for the first time, Echo 8 Trilogy welcomes you. With up to 100 roles available, this casting call is an opportunity to be part of an epic adventure that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Don't miss your chance—submit your audition and become a vital part of the Echo 8 legacy!


YOUNG DAIGO, aged 7-10, Japanese boy, raised by his grandma in Australia after losing his parents. Shy and socially awkward, he's viewed as fragile and sensitve. Growing up in an unequal society makes him jaded, standing out as socially clumsy and less skilled amongst his peers. JAPANESE LANGUAGE a must. LEAD.

CHAU, Mid 30s, Vietnamese woman. She is a skilled member of the Zodiac. Outwardly outspoken, she is recognised as a highly capable female assassin within the clan. Balancing kindness with bluntness, CHAU and Daigo share a certain affection during their time in Zodiac. High level of MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS. LEAD.


YOUNG CHAU, aged 7-10, Vietnamese girl. She is raised by her single father. Despite her challenging circumstances, she displays bravery and outspokenness. She comes to the rescue of young Daigo when he faces schoolyard bullies. Creative and passionate about photography, she documents their friendship before falling victim to a kidnapping. LEAD.


AGENT 5, MID 40-50s, Japanese man. He is the newest head recruit of Zodiac, recently transferred from Japan. Possessing strategic acument and a ruthless demeanor, he molds the operatives into lethal killing machines. There's a particular affinity between Agent 5 and Daigo, as he orchestrates Daigo's transformation into a ruthless killer. JAPANESE LANGUAGE a must and high level of MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS. LEAD.

GRANDMA MIZUKI, aged 60-80s, Japanese woman. She is the loving and supportive grandmother of Daigo. Despite battling arthritis, she is dedicated to caring for Daigo and doing her best to provide for him. Facing challenges with English, she strives to understand and meet his needs. Living in poverty, they struggle to put dinner on the table. To comfort to Daigo, she tells him stories through fake letters, assuring him that his parents will return. High proficiency in JAPANESE LANGUAGE a must. SUPPORTING.

Z12, ,aged 50-70s, all ethnicity male, serves as the worldwide leader of the Zodiac organization. Operating solely through digital interfaces, he communicates with the organisation's heads, issuing missions that cascade down the hierachy. Emotionless and sinister, Z12 is dedicated to maintaining control, ensuring compliance, and efficiently accomplishing tasks. Proficient in power plays, he prioritizes getting the job done without sentimentality. SUPPORTING.


BECKER, aged 30-50s all ethnicity male. He is slightly overweight, short and stubby, Zodiac's main chauffeur. A comical character with big dreams in the assassin world, despite evidence to the contrary. Becker, a self-proclaimed nerd of the trade, often feels nervous and anxious, especially around Agent 5. Nonetheless, in his sweaty and unconventional style, he still gets the job done successfully.


MERCURY, aged 20-40s, Asian man, emerges from rival faction Ophiuchus with an enigmatic persona. His brevity creates mystery, but beneath it, a captivating charm reminiscent of a Hong Kong action hero. Possessing high martial arts skills, he leaves others, including Zodiac members, in awe of his looks. CHINESE LANGUAGE a must and high level of MARTIAL ART SKILLS. SUPPORTING.


JOHN, aged 20s-30s, Asian man. He exudes an obnoxious and competitive nature as a rival to Daigo. A competent assassin with a chemistry with Chau, he embodies the beefcake, jock type. Relentlessly pushing Daigo's buttons, John adds tension to their dynamic with his confrontational demeanor. High level of MARTIAL ART SKILLS. SUPPORTING.

TONY, aged 20s-30s, Asian man. He serves as an operative of Zodiac and is a close friend of John. Initially a scaredy-cat, he undergoes a transformation into a tough guy, eventually picking on Daigo as he grows up.

HOST, aged 40-60s, Caucasian man. He dons a greasy car salesman look, takes on the role of announcer for an illicit underground fighting ring. With a boisterous and commanding presence, he comes across Daigo and ushers him into the fighting ring. Injecting the scene with a comical and dismissive tone, he brings a touch of irreverence to the clandestine event.


ROWAN, 50s, All ethnicity male. The sleazy owner of a nightclub, greasy hair, likes putting women in cages.


CHAU'S DAD, also known as the MASKED MAN, Mid 40s, a Vietnamese immigrant. He's characterized as a single father with a hot temper, constantly seeking quick financial gains through questionable means to survive on the edge. Filled with anxieties, his turbulent lifestyle reflects a constant struggle. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE a must.


QUOC, Mid 50s, Vietnamese man, is a Vietnamese immigrant residing with his wife and adult son. He enjoys hosting drinking parties with his male friends and speaks in a bogan Vietnamese style. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE a must. 

KIM, 40s-50s, Vietnamese woman is the wife of Quoc. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE a must. 

VIETNAMESE MEN, Mid 50s, speaks in a bogan Vietnamese style. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE a must. 

THE TIP, 40s, non-Asian but other ethnicity male. He boasts a towering bodybuilder's physique. Functioning as a local arms dealer, he crosses paths with Chau and Diago at an illegal underground fighting ring. Despite his Terminator-like appearance, he catches others off guard with a rather poetic sense of humor. High level of MARTIAL ART SKILLS. SUPPORTING.


MRS. PARKER, Mid 40s, Non-Asian but an all ethnicity woman. She is a kind and caring individual. She expresses genuine concern for Daigo's well-being and Grandma Mizuki's living conditions.


NAOMI ROBERTS, Mid 40s, Non-Asian but an all ethnicity woman who serves as a social worker. She adopts a culturally insensitive and condescending tone in her approach to Daigo's situation.

NADIA, aged 20s-30s, Non-Asian but all ethnicities woman. She is a gum-chewing receptionist at an underbelly motel. Forever stuck in 80s fashion, she exudes a bored and impatient demeanor as she handles the front desk.

THE SCIENTIST, mid 50s all ethnicity man. He possesses a sarcastic and monotone demeanor, coupled with a snarky attitude. Hired as a contractor for Zodiac, their task is to investigate the composition of mysterious substances discovered at a crime scene.

TAMMY, 30-40s, all ethnicity woman. She is the cheery motel receptionist who has some personal issues that needs sorting.


SHEILA, 20-30 non-Asian but other ethnicity woman. She possesses a heart of gold and a thick Australian accent. Infused with perpetual optimism and outlandish problem-solving skills, she approaches life with a sunny disposition. Sheila is unwaveringly loyal, wearing her heart on her sleeve, and accompanies Echo 8 on her journey into the underbelly. A comical character, she brings levity to the unfolding events. LEAD.


YANG, Mid 30s, Asian man who possesses a Channing Tatum-like presence. Juggling part-time roles as a private investigator and bubble tea barista, he is enlisted by Hanh to locate her missing daughter. With a strong sense of justice, Yang takes his job seriously and firmly guards Echo 8's secret. LEAD.


OSMAN, 40-50s, Middle eastern man. He is the local politician. Operating covertly with Zodiac, he engages in a scheme to seize control of the House of Parliament. Despite his political endeavors, Osman remains a loving father to his daughter and is the estranged husband of his former wife. LEAD.

HANH, aged 50-60, Vietnamese woman. She serves as Echo 8's mother and the founder of TRANG, a group of vigilantes committed to finding their missing children involved in the 216 code case. Hardworking, relentless, and determined, she has spent decades tirelessly working towards reuniting with her daughter. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE a must. SUPPORTING.


THE TIP, 40s, non-Asian but other ethnicity male. He boasts a towering bodybuilder's physique. Functioning as a local arms dealer, he crosses paths with Chau and Diago at an illegal underground fighting ring. Despite his Terminator-like appearance, he catches others off guard with a rather poetic sense of humor. High level of MARTIAL ART SKILLS. SUPPORTING.

MERCADO, aged 50-60s. Asian man. He once led the local gang known as the Lowlies. However, his fall from grace ensued when his attempt to blackmail Mr. Guang, the owner of Bubble Tea For All, backfired. Losing the respect of his henchmen, Mercado, now aided by Bulldog and Cinnamon, is on a mission for revenge. SUPPORTING.

ROMEO, 30s open ethnicity man. Picture a killer with a Keanu Reeves-esque allure—imagine trench coat, sexy sculpted abs, the whole nine yards. Romeo embodies the epitome of cool in the assassin realm. Envision the scene unfolding like a masterpiece from a John Woo film, capturing the essence of style and danger that defines this charismatic character. ACTION ACTING ABILITIIES a must.

HUNG HING, mid 30s Asian man. He transitions from a gang member to the head leader of the Lowlies. Sporting a tough guy appearance, he possesses a quirky demeanor. With a muscular and brawny physique, Hung Hing commends attendtion with both his strength and distinctive personality. SUPPORTING.


BULLDOG, 20s-30s Asian man. He is heavyset, short, and stocky, sporting a surprisingly high-pitched voice. Serving as Mercado's right-hand man, he takes his job to extreme measures, such as crushing constipation relief tablets to sabotage local businessman Mr. Guang. SUPPORTING.


AGENT SLEEP, 20-30s Asian woman. She is a highly trained assassin harboring a vendetta against Echo 8. She adopts a stoic and broody demeanor, characterized by unpredictability and wild tendencies. Determined and relentless, Agent Sleep will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. High level of MARTIAL ART SKILLS. SUPPORTING.


CINNAMON, 20s to 30s Asian woman. She is a former pageant winner and is a ditzy yet fiercely loyal groupie of Mercado's gang. Her primary mission is to assist him in reclaiming his former glory as the leader of the Lowlies. SUPPORTING.

BELLA, aed 50-70s, is a Caucasian woman exuding kindess, warmth, and a motherly demeanor. With a strong Australian accent and unkempt grey hair, she possesses a welcoming and nurturing spirit. Despite facing homelessness, Bella opens her arms to Echo 8, embodying a mother bear type of figure. SUPPORTING.

BERNIE, aged 50s-70s is a Caucasian male and Bella's partner. Both facing homelessness, they occasionally have lover's quarrels but still extend help to Echo 8. Bernie, with a strong Australian accent and grey hair, adds his own touch to the tapestry of their shared experiences. SUPPORTING.

UBIE, 30s Indian man. He takes on the role of an Uber driver, enlisted to chaffeur Sheila and Echo 8 around. A comical character, he remains blissfully oblivious to the assassin underbelly, wholly preoccupied with doing whatever it take sto secure 5-star ratings for his service. SUPPORTING.

THAO, 20s-30s Vietnamese women. She works at a restaurant. Impatient with Hanh's work, Thao frequently berates her, undermining her abilities with snarky remarks. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE a must.

MRS. SON, 60s-80s, Vietnamese woman. As a colleague of Hanh, she serves as a source of confort and support, offering solace and wisdom during life's challenges.

priences. SUPPORTING.

TAMMY, mid 30s, non- Asian but all ethnicity woman. She is renowned for her friendly and accommodating customer service. Overweight and a dear friend to Sheila, Tammy emanates warth and approachability. As a mother, she holds high expectations for her family, often reaching seemingly impossible standards.

NEWS REPORTER - ANCHOR - INTERVIEWER, diverse in age and ethnicity. Should possess a reporter-style presentation. Suitable for an emcee, host or presenter role. Please have a read of sides and select which one suitable.

HOST, aged 30-40s, Caucasian woman. She is a well-spoken emcee serving as the gala host.

GRIEVING MOTHER, 30-40s, Asian woman. She is a mother who have lost her child to a kidnapping and retells it to the T.R.A.N.G group, she bravely recounts the heart-wrenching story of losing her child to a kidnapping. As her narrative unfolds, her words transform into a river of unfiltered, intense emotions—each syllable carrying the heavy burden of heartbreak and despair. MONOLOGUE & EMOTIONAL scene.

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Hi my daughter Eisha, turning 12 this coming 4th of February 2024 and candidate of Junior Miss Earth Australia, we met at Miss Earth Australia and you’re the on of the judges, I just wondering if Eisha can try to join in your team. Her dream job is to be actor. Thank you so much I hope you will notice my messages. God bless you

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