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A Saturday of Cinematic Dreams

On this particular Saturday, instead of the usual leisure and social plans, two sisters, Elizabeth H. Vu and Maria Tran, dedicated their time to a creative endeavor. Their mission? To develop a female-led independent action movie trilogy.

They owe their progress to the support of PYT Fairfield, which provided them with a space to work. Elizabeth, the scriptwriter, displayed an impressive work ethic, churning out two feature-length scripts within a two-week deadline. Maria, wearing the hats of both director and actor, contributed her cinematic magic.

This Saturday, they brainstormed and fine-tuned their ideas, getting ready for an invite-only table reading scheduled for tomorrow—a pivotal moment in their journey. As the day ended, they felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

This Saturday was a reminder that dreams can be realized with dedication and support. Elizabeth H. Vu and Maria Tran are on the path to redefine the action genre, one script at a time.

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