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delta 1

A brash, hot-headed assassin, Delta 1 lives to take risks. Blessed with quick wit and humor in deadly situations, he is often both the life and death of parties. But as his feelings for Echo 8 get in the way of his missions, he becomes torn between his head and his heart.

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david vuong

David Vuong is a Vietnamese-Chinese Australian actor and filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia.  

He has been trained in Chinese Wushu Martial arts for over 7 years, with training in sword, spear, staff, bare-hand forms among many others. He has also built skills in parkour, tricking, acrobatics and screen combat. First starring in the action short "Hunt for Hiroshi" as the ninja Hisashi, he has since performed in other roles including the web-series "Breathless" and the horror-comedy series "Nightwalkers". 

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